Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Losing My Ass

I'd just like to say...for motivations sake...that I have undesireably large thighs and a "that woman had a baby" ass. What am I doing about it? Wailing on it, of course!

I've been working out regularly at an expensive gym for nearly 6 months now and haven't lost any weight. Many "quitters" would find this a good reason to give my case, it is pissing me off enough that it makes me want to work harder. I know that I will find a way to conquer my ass and be svelte and sexy and a total MILF. I am a MILF already (so some people tell me,) but I am not where I want to be at all.

So...I'm busy, right? Aren't we all? I work 35-40 hours a week like most people, and I have a 17-month-old, a husband and a house to take care of. Lots of people would say that these responsibilities make it hard to go to the gym and therefore an acceptable reason not to go. WRONG!!!! All the more reason I should go... because my life is centered around other people...and getting fit is one thing that a person does for themself! It is MY TIME FOR ME!!! My selfish time!

So I have been going 5 or 6 days a week...sometimes twice in 1 day...and focusing on my eating habits. I will not diet because I am human and I believe that humans, in order to be happy deep down inside, should be able to enjoy all foods and not limit themselves to certain ones. Instead of a diet...I set rules for myself. I eat small amounts and stop when I'm satisfied and not when I'm "full." I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I've limited my enriched flour intake (crackers, white bread, bakery items, etc.) I don't let myself have as much beer as I'd like and I certainly have cut back on how many days a week I have a beer.

At the gym, it is pretty obvious to me what muscles I need to work on and what type of cardio training to do...the more uncomfortable an exercise makes me...the more I know I need it! I've been doing some God-aweful high-intensity aerobic training with lots of push-ups, hi-intensity interval spinning classes, weight training classes with lots of squats, endurance swimming, and...this is the thing I hate the most...interval training on the treadmill. I can honestly say that even though I'm not losing weight, I see my muscle tone more than I did before and muscle burns more calories than fat, which means that soon I will be losing weight. And I feel great. After I go to the gym...I feel like I can conquer the world! I am unstoppable!

The point in all this is...YOU CAN DO IT, TOO!!!! If you want to, you can and will be successful! If I can accomplish what I am right now...anyone can. You just need to push yourself and find discipline. No being lazy allowed...and NO MAKING EXCUSES FOR YOURSELF. Excuses = failure.

And one more important factor...suppport! We need to support eachother in our efforts. If anyone wants support from me, let me know what you're trying to accomplish and I'll support you! GO US!!!


Michelle said...

support me and my back surgery. i'll give you my license and dye your hair blonde and you can have it for me.

and even though you aren't losing anymore weight - do you feel better? i think that's important too dude

Kristina said...

Good job on the commitment and drive to work out and not give up! I myself am doing the same thing trying to lose the last few post baby pounds. I thought you looked great when I saw you at my baby shower.
Keep it up!