Monday, September 8, 2008

Reestablishing My Creativity

For those of you that know me...I used to be a creative musician.
I feel that I used to be fun to hang out with, exciting and funny...and a little..."off."
Now, since I've been a mother for 1 1/2 years, I've changed.
I don't write or perform my music. And I definitely rarely go "out."
I am happy...but thirsting for my sense of self.
I have lost a piece of who I am as a person. As my person and not "mother, wife, chef, cleaning lady, daughter, teacher, sister, secretary, accountant" and the many other hats that I wear.
I have forgotton who I am as a "friend and artist."

I am resurrecting "Hethur." The one we all used to know that is still there under that tired skin. A little more mild-mannered, I'm sure...maybe a little more quiet and conservative... but certainly not any less hard-headed, hot-tempered or mischevous.

Trust'll see...

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