Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Headaches, etc...

I'd just like to tell you about how bad migraines are. If you've never had one, you're very lucky. Yesterday I was making my breakfast when suddenly, my vision started to go patchy. For those of you that get migraines, that patchy vision, though not painful, is one of the scariest feelings ever because it is the precursor to the wretched pain that comes with a migraine. When that happens to your KNOW what is coming! As your vision comes back, the pain starts. It is relentless and there is no where to run or hide from it. Even migraine medicine fails at times. When you're coming down, you are exhausted and want to sleep. Sometimes...if you're really'll wake up with a headache, too even after your migraine was dying down. I have had them for 2 days! Talk about Purgatory on earth!

So, yeah...yesterday sucked! I had a lot to do and was incapacitated with a stupid, freakin' migraine! Even though it let up after about 4 hours, I always feel foggy and stupid and off-balance after a migraine. It's like permanent brain damage or something. The horrible thing is that people who have never had a REAL migraine often don't cut you any slack when you have one (this is unfortunate, especially in a work environment.) I am useless as an employee, mother, cook, or even a couch-potato when I get one. I can't read, sleep, watch TV (or my daughter for that matter) walk, drive or do much of anything when I get migraines.

I just had to get that out. Ok...I'm done!


Kristina said...


Oh my gosh...I might be your life saver!!! I had problems with migraines and while I was pregnant I was fortunate enough to learn that...taking a suppliment of magnesium every day, I no longer got migraines!!!! I take 1 magnesium pill every morning and have been doing it about 6 months now and I HAVE NOT had a bastard migraine since!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is worth a try, right????


Michelle said...

i had them horribly in the first trimester of my pregnancy due to blood flow issues. but, thank god, never came back. sorry you can't anticipate them coming on. try to rest and i hope they are few and far between. ((hugs)) - oh and my doctor said to try cinnamon pills. just one a day for migraines. worked pretty well for me.